So you want to learn, get inspiration and have fun but you don't have much time..

You can't get to classes....dates don't suit....don't live in Somerset....?

No Problem!!
Let me introduce.....
the Sewing Box Somerset Stitch Club.
Every month I send out (by email) a mix of PDF patterns, patchwork blocks, mini-makes, video tutorials, technique videos etc. There is a weekly Live Feed on Facebook to discuss a topic and for Q&A's. There is a regular Sew Along on Facebook Live and If you aren't on Facebook you will still be able to see the Live feed as I can send it as a video link .
If you are on Facebook check out my page SEWING BOX STITCH CLUB where we share makes etc for some inspiration.

There is a good mix of projects and sew -a-longs so there will be something for everyone whether a beginner or more experienced sewer or quilter.
The aim is to ....
keep sewing, keep positive, keep learning and keep in touch!
If you are interested in joining the  monthly cost is £5                                                                     

and you can join anytime .

Please drop me an email -

and I'll send more details etc and a few pics of what's to come.

If you click on the links below you'll get a little taster of what's in store!
 Facebook lives usually  happen on my Sewing Box Somerset page on Wednesdays at 7.30pm so if you have any questions email me in case I need to have samples handy...
Join the club!
Stay safe
Julia xxx