My name is Julia and I live in Taunton in the beautiful county of Somerset although I am at heart a London girl and I will always have that accent despite the best attempts of the West Country to round it off!

I have been married for more years than I wasn't and have managed to produce 3 delightful daughters and 3 adorable grandchildren (well most of the time....)

I have always been fascinated with the process of sewing . I am amazed at how just needle and thread can create such a fabulous and diverse array of 'stuff'....stuff to wear....stuff to keep you warm...stuff to decorate our homes...stuff to admire...stuff to transform. It is also something that can be done with a very basic range of tools , however the skills that can be involved can be far from basic. That said anyone can sew and it is the actual process that has always brought me far more joy than the finished item. You can almost hear the heart rates slowing down , anxiety draining away in a room of people sitting and sewing.

I am very lucky that sewing is both my hobby and my job and I get to meet so many others who also feel that passion ,whether it is in a workshop, a Facebook Live feed or on a stand at a show and that is a joy!

If you would like to join in with the fun please get in touch!

​Julia xx